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Patrik’s Cocktails

Mobile instructions for the 50 best classic cocktails

What exactly does a Vesper contain? How do you prepare a White Russian? And in what kind of glass do you serve a Kir Royal? „Patrik’s Cocktails“ gives detailed instructions about the preparation of 50 classic cocktails as well as how to serve them correctly.

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Patrik’s Easy Cooking

The digital cookbook for young and modern cuisine

Chef Patrik Jaros decided to take on the challenge of cooking in single and small households. He wanted to create tasty, everyday recipes that every amateur cook can understand, with each recipe explained in detail.

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Patrik’s Fish & Seafood - coming soon

The cooking application with 70 selected seafood dishes

In this cooking application award winning chef Patrik Jaros has put together his favourite, most elaborate fish recipes. 70 fantastic creations with seafood ranging from tuna in sesame coating to gilthead in salt crust.

Patrik’s Pasta - coming soon

The 80 best pasta dishes from all over the world

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